Greenville Flooring - Bad choice!

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We usded Greenville Flooring to install new hardwood and then to sand and finish the floor.I paid for and had stated in my contract that I would receive #1 Red Oak.

After completing the floor and we looked at it - it was full of knots and blemishes. The owner said that it was indeed #1, and when I turned over a piece of the left over hardwood it had stamped on it #2 Red Oak! When I showed it to him he made an excuse that sometimes they mix a little #2 in with the #1! Baloney!

The sand and finish job was one of the worst ever! All the edges of my rooms were never finished sanded and are rough and dark colored. He did a pathetic job of staining and I have wipe makes in all the doorways. This man cheated us by using cheaper wood, doing a terrible job and to top it off the guy has a terrible temper.

Don't ever use him!And, by the way, his web-site looks impressive - but trust me, he's NOT!

Review about: Hardwood Installation.

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